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We offer online training courses (Udemy) and video (YouTube), and have published an eBook on becoming a more strategic product manager.  These online resources can provide product managers a strong background of industry best-practices.

However, the best and most engaging learning for product management teams is often face-to-face training.  

We offer onsite training sessions for product management teams  - with hands-on application of product management best practices for your business and your product group.  

We start by interviewing your product management leadership to understand your business situation and help direct training content.  The training is typically 1.5 days, and our goal is to make the training actionable, energizing and engaging.  

Cost is US$6995 plus travel for a 5-10 person product management group.  Contact us if you are interested.


Becoming a more strategic product manager is tough business.    

Product managers are often familiar with industry best practices through courses and training, but struggle to effectively adapt and apply these concepts to their companies and their product groups. 

Our coaching program can help.  It is designed to give you a quick burst of product management adrenaline to help make you more strategic, and have a greater impact on your product portfolio.

Our coaching program consists of six sessions (one hour each), every other week for three months.  These sessions start with a detailed assessment of your particular situation, opportunities and challenges.  Together, we will determine how to best adapt and apply product management approaches and tools for your product group.  Alumni of our coaching program have been able to significantly up-level their contribution and impact. 

Cost is US$1795 for three months.  Reach out if you are interested.

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Through focused engagements, we help product management teams become more strategic, and have a greater impact on their organizations.

If you can imagine a quadrant with "impact to the business" on the Y-axis, and "product management time" on the X-axis - we focus our consulting work on the areas of big impact where product managers typically under-invest. Specifically, our work includes: 

1. Gaining a deep intuitive and analytical understanding of customer needs.

2. Developing long-term product strategies that nest within broader corporate strategies.

3. Effectively running a "discovery & delivery" product development process, with experimentation and frequent releases.

4. Systematically finding growth for in-market products.

Using this approach, we have successfully transformed the product management groups of small and mid-sized technology companies worldwide.

Let us know if you are interested.