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product management 101

Product Management 101 is an overview of the work of product management - from market intelligence and strategy to new product development.  This online course, at Udemy.com, is designed for product managers with 0-5 years experience.  Through a series of lectures, we share industry best practices - the best approaches of excellent product managers worldwide.  

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Becoming a More STrategic Product Manager (ebook)

Product management – done right – should span a healthy mix of the tactical and strategic, but too many product managers get buried in the tactical and under-invest in the strategic.  This eBook will help you, as a product manager, become more strategic -  learning what work to say “no” to, and what to say “yes” to – and amplifying your impact on your company and its long-term product portfolio. 

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Product Management tools & resources

3 Minute Product Manager

Through a series of three minute videos, we explore different product management topics.  These videos are designed for product managers who need a quick burst of understanding on product management approaches and best practices.

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