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Todd Birzer, Principal Consultant

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Product management consulting, coaching, and training

Through my consulting work, I help product management teams become more strategic - empowering them to develop product portfolios that delight customers, generate sustainable competitive advantage, and drive long-term profitability. Contact me for more details.

I have a number of courses on Udemy, including Product Management 101, VPs and Directors of Product Management: Finding Excellence, Product-Led Growth, Insightful Customer Interviews for Product Managers, and SmartTips: Product Management.

I also have a book available on Amazon, Becoming a More Strategic Product Manager

Todd Birzer

I've spent more than 25 years in product management - as a Head of Product, director, product manager, and consultant. I've worked for Silicon Valley, west coast US, and worldwide companies. Most recently, I led the product team at a Quebec aquaculture technology startup. And I am the author of the book Becoming a More Strategic Product Manager

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Udemy Course Reviews

What Learners Have to Say

Product-Led Growth: With experience in implementing product-led go-to-motions in three different B2B SaaS companies, I wish this course had been available back then. Todd has an excellent way of outlining and explaining the essentials of PLG, and this course is well-structured, easy to follow, and packed with practical insights and actionable strategies. It also covers key metrics and analytics tools that product or growth leaders need to track to ensure the success of their product-led growth efforts. I particularly liked the practical applications of the course (which is the standard for Todd's courses). I highly recommend this course to any product leader looking to fast-track their organization's implementation of a product-led growth motion.

Steffen B.

Product Management 101: Hats off to Todd Birzer for one of the best online courses I've ever completed. The real-life examples, exercises, and templates made this practical and useful vs. "pie in the sky". It had just the right amount of detail. I highly recommend this for anyone seeking a career in product management or who just wants to work with product managers more effectively.

Brandee P.

VPs and Directors of Product Management: Finding Excellence: It's hard to imagine summarizing the Head of Product role in a 4.5 hr course but Todd has done an exceptional job at just that. The content is succinct, to the point, informed by experience and presented in digestible, logical, well-organized modules. If you are looking to hear what is likely 10+ years of experience in such a role (just a guess) summed up in under 5 hours, this is it.

Bilyan B.

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